My name is Vasily Bodnar. I"m cg artist from Russia and this is my personal page.
Here you can view my works (2d/3d) and read about me.


I was really surprised.
I posted my 3d still "Nobody is lucky in the same way" to Cgtalk.com gallery
and few days later got message from them - my work was awarded :)

Here is the link to this work: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=477575

You can also visit my pages on:

Render.ru : http://render.ru/user/info.php?user_id=624
CGTalk.com : http://vb.cgsociety.org
CGChannel.com : http://cgchannel.com/gallery/listimage.jsp?mod=by_artist&artID=7330
DeviantART.com: http://bodnar.deviantart.com